Riverdale Episode 2! 

My last review for this series made it clear that I was apprehensive yet intrigued about this series. Episode two still has me in a wishy-washy wonderland of emotions but overall, I’m in it! Will this be my newest guilty pleasure? Yes, yes it will. 

Let’s get into the review!

Last episode we got small bits of information:

– Archie doesn’t love Betty.

– Veronica loves Betty:

– Betty’s mom is prejudice against redheads and rich people.

– Moose’s name does not reflect properly upon the size of his genitalia.

– Jason was shot.

– TILF Grundy and Archie heard the gunshot during their illicit meetup.

This episode doesn’t do much in the way of solving questions you have honestly (it’s the second episode so why would it). However, it does submerge you further in this world of passionate weirdness and classic Cheryl Blossom insults. 

This episode does not shy away from the bullethole in Jason Blossom’s dome or his bloated, discolored and water-logged body. Sorry if that was graphic. They follow that image with Archie’s abs so I guess it’s a balancing act. 

In the beginning of this episode Betty and Archie are still at odds. This leads to Archie taking a shirtless run to TILF Grundy’s house, normal. Grundy answers the door, they have a discussion and ultimately she convinces him to not tell anyone about the gunshot they heard during their early morning rendezvous. Who has a booty call at 6AM? Honestly? It just seems a bit much even for this unholy teache-student union. It was summer! Sleep in or something damn.


Betty’s mom is still on her anti-redhead and anti-rich kid agenda. There may some hints at her abusing her husband as well. Betty, despite telling her mother that she’d never talk to Archie, Cheryl or Veronica again, asks Archie to walk her to school. They are “cool,” a high school term used to describe a girl who is still in love with a boy but doesn’t want him to know even though he clearly knows. Was that confusing? That’s high school for you.

Betty also tells Kevin that she’d never forgive Veronica but, once presented with yellow roses and cupcakes, forgives her. This forgiveness is “the path of least resistance,” for Betty and that’s okay. We’ve all been there, girl. Personally, I super identify with Betty because you really see the stress, agitation, frustration and sadness really getting to her despite her best efforts at containing it. This is a HUGE piece of her character. She wants everyone to be happy, wants everything to be okay for everyone so, instead of voicing her concerns, something that would obvious upset various people, she stays tight-lipped. 

In an effort to get you all to watch the show instead of coming here to just read the cliff notes version, just know that Betty does go a little Girl Interupted during the episode. She returned to sweet Betty but… goodness gracious. She has darkness in her. It is only for a moment but, I was worried that she was actually going to hit someone. I would have preferred it I think.

There was not a lot of Veronica in this episode. Her story mainly revolved around trying to get Betty to forgive her. She even offered a mani-pedi date which Betty abused. Shame on Betty!  You find out that her mother is working at Pop Tate’s as well. Interesting. She also takes a walk with Archie and they both basically talk about how in love they are with Betty. If you don’t love Betty then you are probably Satan. 

Speaking of Satan, Cheryl Blossom is #riverdalestrong. During this episode you see more of her being her rather bitchy self. You see that people are in fact questioning her about what happen to her brother. She has to constantly prove that she is fine (or at least that’s what she thinks). Besides being the HBIC she is also seen rapping and having an emotional breakdown during his episode during which she tells Veronica (who came to comfort her) that Jason was “supposed” to come back. Curiouser and curiouser! 

What does this mean? I was 100000% percent sure that Cheryl had shot Jason in his dome up until that moment. That line leads me to believe that she may have had a part in his disappearance but nothing to do with his death. How? I have no idea so I will need to keep watching. 

Jughead finds out about the gross affair Grundy and Archie are engaged in when he catches them sensually touching each other’s fingers. Different strokes I guess. Despite this, not only is the friendship rekindled but Archie tells Grundy that he wants to be with her but he has to do what’s right. Classic Archie Andrews move! I love it.

At the end of the episode the cops come for [my number one suspect] Cheryl Blossom. Shocker right? Even more shocking is that she stood up in front of the class and declared herself guilty. This reaffirmed that she was indeed not guilty of killing Jason in my opinion. It’s too easy. This can easily be written into twin guilt. I sincerely think she and Jason were doing something less than wholesome, they were always creepy to me. I think they made some stupid teenage plan/prank and it ended with an unplanned bullet in Jason THUS she feels guilty. She FEELS guilty but is not guilty. She is a drama queen and therefore this whole theory works. However my theory could change completely once the new episode airs.

In conclusion, I may already be super invested in this show and think you should all join in the mysterious, angsty fun. Already watching? Share your thoughts with me! 






Riverdale: Hot Mess or Trash You Can Get Behind

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As a rule of thumb, I give all new series a three episode buy in. This means that I will commit to watching at least three episodes of the premier season before I write it off or watch it religiously. If I like the show, I will keep watching, if not, I will wait until it’s on Netflix and use it as background noise while I sew or blog. There is no in between!

So, is this show a hot mess or something that is about to become my new obsession? I still have one more episode to go before I make that decision but, so far, it’s trash TV I can get behind.

Let me be clear, it’s trash not because it is terrible, it’s trash because of it’s style, trashy. It has very noticeable notes of Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Dawson’s Creek and so many other trash TV shows that we like because of it’s grossly exaggerated teen angst and [what is meant to be] taboo sex scenes. I know what you’re thinking, how could the CW turn wholesome Archie comics into a stew of hormones and sin? Well, it is the CW and I love them for it. Plus, the reason it has hints of all of those previously mentioned shows is because there are people on the Riverdale team from some of those shows. It was inevitable.

So, two episodes have premiered so far, let me catch you up if you haven’t been watching.

Episode 1 Review GO:

The good:

  • The great part about this episode is that it establishes Jughead as the voice of reason and narrator. Well, really he is just writing his novel about the events that transpired over the summer.
  • You get a clear look into the various dynamics of everyone’s friendships and relationships. Kevin and Betty are besties and they do not shy away from his sexual orietation (not that they would). Veronica is the new girl, but shunned in this incarnation instead of welcomed and adored right away. She wants to be friends with Betty and has a heart after fooling around in a closet with Archie. Old Ronnie would not have cared. Archie and Jughead aren’t “friends” persay which sucks but you know that immediately. You can clearly tell that more people hate the Blossom family than like them. The list goes on but, the point is that they did a very good job of explaining that this Riverdale is not the same as the comics we grew up with, it is a bit different.
  • Josie and the Pussycats. Enough said.
  • Betty is probably the closest to her original characterization than anyone honestly and, personally, I love that.
  • Not to shoe-horn this in but this cast is diverse! Just take a gander as some of the faces here:

Reggie Mantle

Check out the new Pussycats! This is from episode two, but they are so fierce!

The list goes on and on with how diverse this cast is. I love it.

  • This series right off the bat has elements of both the old Archie Mysteries series (am I old yet?) and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s flakey, yet compelling, Afterlife with Archie series. This icould be because he write for both the comic and for Riverdale. Cheater or genius?
  • “You want fire, well, my specialty is ice.” Veronica to Cheryl.
  • All of Kevin’s lines are pure gold in this episode.

The Bad:

  • In the current comic reincarnation Betty is more of a tomboy type character and they made her rather girly in Riverdale. Personally, I don’t care, she is still a golden sunbeam and too sweet for this world, but I know others may hate that.
  • Betty’s mom is a terri-bad, hateful shrew. Perhaps prejudice against anyone not blonde? Not enough information. She definitely hate redheads.
  • The story revolving around the relationship between TILF Grundy and Archie is just so unappealing.
  • Why did Josie have to be a complete and total witch when Archie asked for help? Josie is supposed to be super nice. Maybe it was just for this episode but still. Poor Archie.
  • Archie is a horrible human being who chose the cop out of “it’s not you, it’s me.” The thing that gets to me about the whole Betty/Archie situation is that he KNEW she had feelings, deep feelings, for him and he couldn’t find a better time to let her down other than AFTER making out with Veronica and sending poor, sweet Betty into an emotional tailspin. I’ve been there, girl.
  • Moose and Kevin. Before you try and pitchfork me, I’d like to say that I don’t care if Moose is gay or not, I care that he is in a relationship with Midge and cheating on her with Kevin. Don’t worry, Kevin will address this next episode.Plus it’s not like anything happened with them because they found Jason’s dead body, gun shot wound and all.
  • I just don’t like TILF Grundy and hope she stops being a weird succubus cougar…. or becomes a better one. That could be interesting.

By the end of Episode one I was convinced that Cheryl had done it. She killed her brother in the Afterlife with Archie series so why wouldn’t she do it in this series, right? I have since changed my theory completely. Then again, there are only two episodes so, my guess is as good as yours on what happened.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this review of episode one of Riverdale. You can find a review for episode two later once I rewatch it. If you have no knowledge whatsoever of Archie or the Archie comics franchise, do not worry, you’ll probably enjoy this show. If you enjoy silly “teen” dramas you’ll definitely like this show. This is some trash you can definitely sink your teeth into… I could have phrased that better.

Thank you for reading! Come back for more!



URBANCE: The Good, The Bad, and the”Wut.”


Do you like amazing animation, great music and a story concept considered horrifying to the day to day existence of human kind? Then why aren’t you turned in and following URBANCE?

Let’s start with the basics. URBANCE is a Canadian production by an imaginative team directed by Joël Dos Reis Viegas and Sébastien Larroudé. This series is set in a dystopian future not too far from our own and has great music, mystery, villainy and sex… or rather the lack there of. A virus known as “E1” swept over the world making hetero sex unattainable due to it’s fatal after effect. Then the virus mutated making both hetero and homosexual sex deadly and taking both off the table completely. Sounds horrible right? It gets worse. The villainous scientist, “peace-keepers” of this universe separated the “Macs” from the “Femmes” in an attempt to solve the problem, but boys and girls will always find ways and risk it all for a few moments of pleasure. The pilot also alludes to these “peace-keepers” being a little more than human. With the technology of this world being so advanced, there is definitely the possibility of superhuman.

Although the series has only released a pilot episode it raises a lot of questions that the viewer wants answers for. Even more interesting for me, the psychological profiles that must exist in this world. On a very basic level, humans crave sexual intercourse. It’s a way we release stress, reproduce, express a fondness for someone else and the people of this universe cannot have it. Instead they’ve chosen to focus on really rad beats.

The Good:

As stated before the animation is absolutely gorgeous. The art team created a world of lights and shadows that is rivaled by only Studio Mir in my opinion. And if you know anything about me, I loved Studio Mir’s work for the Avatar Series. Major art boner. It is so brilliant. The artist concepts for all of the characters, not just the main ones, are so on point and DRIPPING with character that it is hard not to immediately be sucked in and want to imitate the style of the people.

The story concept is completely novel. I have not encounter something in a while that made me stop during the prologue and say “damn… what if?” in a long, long time. It is so rare for someone to come up with something “new” no and days so, two thumbs up for creating a concept around the notion of not having sex. NOT having sex, dealing with not having sex, and a virus that will kill you if you do have sex… insert joke about pre-marital sex here.

The characters have depth to them. You will not immediately grab at this by just watching the pilot but, if you go to the website, you’ll see that the characters are all rather distinctive and wonderful in their own way. This is so great. There are so many shows (animated and lie action) where there will be several characters that are basically the same person in a different color pack. I’m going back to the fashion but, it’s a great tool that the artist have used to solidify the individuals in this series.

The music is absolutely phenomenal and I truly wish that the pilot episode were longer, just so I could hear more of it. Music is a huge part of this world so, if the creators had chosen not to spend time finding a great music team for this project, it would have fallen apart on a fundamental level. The people, “The Last Generation,” of this show craves music as an escape and the music in this project certainly shows that.

The Bad:

I have only one and a half bad things to say about URBANCE and it’s about the voice acting and the fact that there isn’t more URBANCE for me to watch.

The voice acting in the pilot is exactly what you would expect from a pilot episode of an animated project. It was, quite frankly, kind of awful. I hate saying that knowing that there were people who worked hard to make this happen but it truly sounded like reddit came in with the “Hello, fellow children,” subreddit. In the firs few moments one of the characters says “You ready to get turnt up.” To say I cringed would be an understatement. I truly feel that if everything else was not so amazing, I wouldn’t have noticed how off some of the voice acting was. It just fell short of everything else that was just so brilliant.

There is only a pilot episode. This saddens me.


The Wut?:

Here’s the deal, this could be absolutely amazing. I can see it doing really well on a network. I can definitely see it doing very well on Adult Swim for example. I just wonder about whether or not it will be continuing. There is a lot of attention on it but, if you look for the website currently, it’s not up anymore. If you go to the Facebook page, there creators/moderators are not active despite people going in frequently and interacting with the page. Where are the online presences for this piece of art? Have the creators forsaken it and why? There is such a resounding outcry for more URBANCE that it shocks me to see such lackluster attempts to keep the flame going.

In short, check out the pilot. I honestly do not think you will be disappointed (minus the voice acting). After you check it out, join me in peppering their Facebook page, begging for more URBANCE or at least some info on when we might get some more.

Check of their STEAMBOT!

Check out their FACEBOOK!

Check out their WEBSITE (currently down).

Let’s Talk about Steven Universe

I made a new video about Steven Universe and my initial thoughts on the show considering when it came out, I refused to watch it. I really regret that decision. Steven Universe is a cute, witty and absolutely amazing show that I would recommend to anyone and everyone. Unless you hate puppies… you probably wouldn’t like this since you already don’t like happiness.

Thanks for watching, Sexpots!