The Crow’s Eye

If you have not already, please check out my playthrough of The Crow’s Eye! It is an independently developed psychological thriller for PC (available on Steam) and although I am NOT a fan of horror games, this was quite enjoyable once I got into it.

I already have a complete, no-spoilers review ready to be published for you guys but, I wanted to wait until I had finished editing the game play and put it all up. So, until then, I will reserve my final thoughts for later.

❤ Neeks


The Furious Housewife Geisha?

Don’t let the title fool you, this set is fire!

My dear friend, burlesque dancer and creative spirit came to do a shoot with me a while ago and I just completely forgot to write about it. I posted the full set on my FACEBOOK PAGE and some on my PHOTOGRAPHY INSTAGRAM PAGE. They were are so enchanting.

Let me start out by saying that Curly Bright (real name omitted for safety reasons) and I met in pole class. That’s right, we are pole sisters! That could have been phrased differently, I’m sure, however the sentiment remains the same. I’m so thankful that she transferred into the class because she is such a breath of fresh air. Her energy is always high, she is a positive force of nature, a complete and total nerd and did I mention she is smart as a whip? I could go on and on about this girl but lets get into why you’re really here, boobs.

As stated, Curly Bright is a burlesque dancer and not at all shy about her body. For me, that’s awesome. The female form is lovely and she had great ideas on how to use her relatively naked body to her advantage in this shoot. She is a master at styling as well and just wait until you see the geisha inspired face pain she put on.


Isn’t she lovely?

When she originally approached me about the idea the first thing she said was, “Wouldn’t it be funny to see a geisha with rollers in her hair doing house work?” It’s quirky statements that make for the best photo-shoot ideas.

Look at the colors! It is so rare that I stare in awe of photos that I take myself but I was so proud of the final colors in this shoot. She set everything up in such a way that the end result could only be fantastic. Wait, is that a katana?

It is, indeed! There was also a vacuum involved. The scorned housewife geisha who is honestly sick of everyone’s shit. I think she nailed the concept, don’t you?

Want to see more Curly Bright? That’s great! Check out her FACEBOOK PAGE and her INSTAGRAM PAGE! Tell her Neeks sent you and throw her some mad love!

Until next shoot!

❤ XOXO Neeks

A Little Fear makes You Brave


I am afraid of a lot of things. People, insects, large gatherings of people I do not know… did I mention people twice? In all seriousness I do have a  lot of fears, but as you know, this is the year of no fear.

This photo-shoot has been the most enjoyable by far. Jessica, Beauty by Photography, is an absolutely wonderful human being who does not like mundane or simple. I respected that so much. The setting was perfect for what the shoot turned into and the photos came out great. They are pretty much exactly what I was hoping for and hopefully what she was hoping for as well.

They are haunting, mysterious and a little terrifying… VICTORY!

I want to be the person who brings you images that make you feel something. I do not want to just be another pretty face. No. I want to bring you joy, sadness, anger and fear. I want to learn how to emote so hard that whoever sees the photo is forced to feel what I am feeling. That is my goal as a model and a hopeful actress.


Anyways, I just wanted to update. If you want to know anything or suggest what my next shoot should be, let me know in the comment section!


URBANCE: The Good, The Bad, and the”Wut.”


Do you like amazing animation, great music and a story concept considered horrifying to the day to day existence of human kind? Then why aren’t you turned in and following URBANCE?

Let’s start with the basics. URBANCE is a Canadian production by an imaginative team directed by Joël Dos Reis Viegas and Sébastien Larroudé. This series is set in a dystopian future not too far from our own and has great music, mystery, villainy and sex… or rather the lack there of. A virus known as “E1” swept over the world making hetero sex unattainable due to it’s fatal after effect. Then the virus mutated making both hetero and homosexual sex deadly and taking both off the table completely. Sounds horrible right? It gets worse. The villainous scientist, “peace-keepers” of this universe separated the “Macs” from the “Femmes” in an attempt to solve the problem, but boys and girls will always find ways and risk it all for a few moments of pleasure. The pilot also alludes to these “peace-keepers” being a little more than human. With the technology of this world being so advanced, there is definitely the possibility of superhuman.

Although the series has only released a pilot episode it raises a lot of questions that the viewer wants answers for. Even more interesting for me, the psychological profiles that must exist in this world. On a very basic level, humans crave sexual intercourse. It’s a way we release stress, reproduce, express a fondness for someone else and the people of this universe cannot have it. Instead they’ve chosen to focus on really rad beats.

The Good:

As stated before the animation is absolutely gorgeous. The art team created a world of lights and shadows that is rivaled by only Studio Mir in my opinion. And if you know anything about me, I loved Studio Mir’s work for the Avatar Series. Major art boner. It is so brilliant. The artist concepts for all of the characters, not just the main ones, are so on point and DRIPPING with character that it is hard not to immediately be sucked in and want to imitate the style of the people.

The story concept is completely novel. I have not encounter something in a while that made me stop during the prologue and say “damn… what if?” in a long, long time. It is so rare for someone to come up with something “new” no and days so, two thumbs up for creating a concept around the notion of not having sex. NOT having sex, dealing with not having sex, and a virus that will kill you if you do have sex… insert joke about pre-marital sex here.

The characters have depth to them. You will not immediately grab at this by just watching the pilot but, if you go to the website, you’ll see that the characters are all rather distinctive and wonderful in their own way. This is so great. There are so many shows (animated and lie action) where there will be several characters that are basically the same person in a different color pack. I’m going back to the fashion but, it’s a great tool that the artist have used to solidify the individuals in this series.

The music is absolutely phenomenal and I truly wish that the pilot episode were longer, just so I could hear more of it. Music is a huge part of this world so, if the creators had chosen not to spend time finding a great music team for this project, it would have fallen apart on a fundamental level. The people, “The Last Generation,” of this show craves music as an escape and the music in this project certainly shows that.

The Bad:

I have only one and a half bad things to say about URBANCE and it’s about the voice acting and the fact that there isn’t more URBANCE for me to watch.

The voice acting in the pilot is exactly what you would expect from a pilot episode of an animated project. It was, quite frankly, kind of awful. I hate saying that knowing that there were people who worked hard to make this happen but it truly sounded like reddit came in with the “Hello, fellow children,” subreddit. In the firs few moments one of the characters says “You ready to get turnt up.” To say I cringed would be an understatement. I truly feel that if everything else was not so amazing, I wouldn’t have noticed how off some of the voice acting was. It just fell short of everything else that was just so brilliant.

There is only a pilot episode. This saddens me.


The Wut?:

Here’s the deal, this could be absolutely amazing. I can see it doing really well on a network. I can definitely see it doing very well on Adult Swim for example. I just wonder about whether or not it will be continuing. There is a lot of attention on it but, if you look for the website currently, it’s not up anymore. If you go to the Facebook page, there creators/moderators are not active despite people going in frequently and interacting with the page. Where are the online presences for this piece of art? Have the creators forsaken it and why? There is such a resounding outcry for more URBANCE that it shocks me to see such lackluster attempts to keep the flame going.

In short, check out the pilot. I honestly do not think you will be disappointed (minus the voice acting). After you check it out, join me in peppering their Facebook page, begging for more URBANCE or at least some info on when we might get some more.

Check of their STEAMBOT!

Check out their FACEBOOK!

Check out their WEBSITE (currently down).

Apartment Hunting

Apartment hunting, much like job hunting, is like dating. I guess that’s because dating is just romantic partner hunting. Even before I got into a committed relationship with someone I NEVER was afraid of dating. This is hard. I’m actually staying awake and spending so much time thinking about what furniture is going where and how I’m going to afford grocery shopping. How many rolls of toilet paper do I need? How many sets of of flatware will be needed? Yeah there are going to be two people living there but that means nothing when it comes to food.

All of that comes secondary to actually finding and applying to a place though. I thought it would be cool to document the process in case someone who is thinking about getting out and spreading their wings stumbles across this blog here. So, without further ado, here are some helpful tips from me to you, sexpot (that’s you).

Tip #1:

Figure out your budget and stick to it. If you set your budget at $1300.00 a month, then do not even thinking about looking, glancing, dreaming about a place that it over that number. When you go to any search engine for apartments make sure you type that number into the “maximum price” section right away. There are a few reasons for this, the primary being that you want to avoid bargaining with yourself. At the start of this search this became my biggest struggle.

“Maybe if I don’t by that many groceries I could afford this place?”

“Do I really need a bed?”

“Who needs internet?” This was my low point.

Seriously, before you even go to Zillow, Hotpad, or Apartment Guide be sure to SET YOUR BUDGET. Or else you are going to have a harder time than need be.

Tip #2:

Once your budget is set in the same stone that held Excalibur, you need to decide if you are going to try and lump utilities into it. For me, I set a budget and it included utilities. This was not something I was willing to budge on at first but seeing as how this was a “rarer” thing in the area i wanted to live in, I figured paying for one or two utilities would be doable depending on what they were and what the base rent would have been. That being said, currently I’m hoping to get approved for this one with all utilities included. Pray for me. Utilities are things that are totally necessary and you are required to pay. Water, electricity, cable, stuff like that. So, make sure you check online or ask someone during the viewing of the unit (if you decide to go that far).

Again, my recommendation it to always go for a place that has utilities included. Always.

Tip #3:

Know what you want/need and what you will be flexible on. For example, I knew I wanted a two bedroom apartment from the get go. This is something that eventually turned into a semi-flexible want based on size of the apartment. If you are someone who knows they NEED two bedrooms, do not compromise. I was willing to be flexible about the size of the bathroom, size of the kitchen and size of the closets as long as I had two bedrooms of a decent size. My boyfriend, who will be moving in with me, literally had one solid want/need and that was for the place to have carpet. It was solid and something to work with so, it works out. Figure out the parking situation and laundry situation as well. If you are moving in with three people, make sure you can all get parking. If you don’t want to lug laundry down or up stairs, get a unit with a washer and dryer in it. Think about the smallest details.

When going about what can be flexible and what cannot, look at what you will be bringing with you, your lifestyle and who will be living there with you. If you are trying to get a place with four people it makes absolutely no sense to get a place with one bedroom. If you are chef, you are not going to want a small, cramped kitchen. Just saying, you have to know what you are working with.

Tip #4:

Getting denied on your application is not the end of the world. If you get denied then they will most likely tell you why they denied you in the first place. Let it be a learning experience, not a bummer situation.


Tip #5:

Apply carefully. In some states if you apply to a place then you must accept. So, don’t go around applying to multiple places. Yes, you run the risk of losing out on another place but, you must choose carefully. Also expect an application fee. Know the housing laws in your state because some people may try to rip you off.

Tip #6:

This is cliche but necessary to say, save up. Ideally, you want to have three months rent saved up and available to show your property manager. Have character accounts from your employer(s) as well, this is a nice thing to have. A lot of time the property manager wants to know what they are getting into. The agreement (lease) you enter into is binding for both you and the property manager. If you turn out to be a complete ass, they can’t legally kick you out for it but, you will have a hell of a time getting any problems resolved and end up resenting everyone there. Living in an apartment or condo means that you will be part of a tight community. Be nice to your neighbors. That means all of your neighbors! The ones below you, above you and on either side of you.

I’m still in the process of finding a place so, with some luck we’ll get this place we applied to. If we don’t, no big deal. I will update this post in the event of learning anything else, which I’m sure I will. I hope this was helpful to anyone currently in the process as well.



Roarin’ Q&A

My first Q&A! Thanks to everyone who sent questions to my various social medias! I got some interesting ones for sure. Keep sending those questions and suggestions because I love them and will probably be a dinosaur again. Who knows.


Neeks Public Service Announcement

Stop being the “Nice Gal.” In my previous post, I go into more detail about my creepy stalker story. There are so many stories much worse and much scarier than mine though. If I can help even one of you (ladies and men) avoid going through that, then I’m happy. Be safe, be happy! <3Neeks