Accountability Check for January


I am trying to make this year more productive. I say that every year, but the key is to keep getting back up on the horse, right? In any case, let’s take a look at the productive moments of January!

Usual Rangers 5 Shenanigans:

  • I met the Usual Rangers 5 at Blerdcon last year and basically fell in love with them (mainly Cree lol). By chance of fate, they ended up not only accepting me as the rangers fanatic that I am, but also accepted me as a friend. Cree is actually doing a cosplay for ALL 28 days of February (see the 28 days of black cosplay for reference). Click the links to go see her work (Instagram, Facebook, Usual Rangers 5 Facebook). Cree contacted me and asked if I’d like to be part of the group for a shoot with the Washington Post. I don’t know if she expected me to say no but, I said yes… enthusiastically. Next thing I know, I have these wonderful people in my apartment for three whole days and it was one of the most soul-lifting experiences of my life. They are family now and forever. I’m tearing up just writing this. This brings me to my next point…


(photo by CC)

The Washington Post:

  • So, as stated, we got to shoot with the Washington Post. I am fully aware it wasn’t about me but, I GOT TO WORK WITH MARVIN JOSEPH. To put this into perspective, he photographed the King of Wakanda the next day. Firstly, thank you Cree for the invite! Second, holy crap! What an experience. The issue comes of on February 11th so, make sure you pick up a copy! I’ll be the one in pink.


New Job:

  • I got a new job. After dealing with a rather upsetting lay off, I got a new job a week later with a great company and I’m excited to do my best for them. They are truly wonderful so, hoping for the best.


Fightguy Photography Finally:

  • One of the first photographers I ever reached out to when I started modeling was Craig Lawrence of Fightguy Photography… my message went unanswered. HOWEVER, I finally got to do a test shoot as part of my audition for Sucker Punch 4, his charity campaign for RAINN! This is an amazing opportunity to not only get to work with him and his crew of fabulous people but to also show my support for those affected by sexual violence. As someone who has been affected by sexual and physical violence this is a cause that matters to me. Representation matters. I would be absolutely honored to be a part of this project.
  • Photo at the top of this post is by Fightguy Photography!


Breached 1K on Instagram:

  • This one is shallow but, I am proud of it. These are 1000 people who organically came and supported what I like to do. These are people who are entertained by my art, videos and weirdness and that means the absolute world to me. Thank you!


It was a good month for me and I’m going to try and make February just as great!

I think this is going to be a Twitch focused month. I’m going to try and get to 50 followers and nail down a consistent streaming schedule. I’m also focusing on acting and keeping my head on straight. Oh, life.

❤ Neeks


The Maenads of Myth.


Over the weekend I got to not only meet up with and shoot with two of my favorite model babes (Anna Marx and Lolita Marie) but, I also got to meet and shoot with James Phelps of Photos by Phelps and Avalon Creative Arts. He is basically the master of capturing curvy women. Do not get me wrong, I am BEYOND grateful to have even been considered for this shoot, but it was definitely daunting to be up there with those two pros. This experience has really refilled my internal “go-getter” meter. When you work with greatness, you just want to get getting better.

What is a “Maenad,” you may be asking. To simplify thousands of years of Greek Mythology, the Maenads were the feral, beautiful, sexy raving mad women often associated with Dionysus.


Creative Director & Model: Anna Marx

Costume and Prop Designer: Anna Marx

Hair Stylist: Anna Marx

MUA & Model: Lolita Marie

Photographer: James Phelps

Weirdo Model: Me


I love everyone involved with this and hope I get to work with them again! Hope you all enjoy!

As always you can find me in many places. Go to them!





Happy yet Distraught


I got a part in an indie film! Great, right?

I thought so… until the time to film came and the three women heading the project completely fell into the “women can’t work together with being catty” stereotype.

Let me tell you, I was so excited to not only be in a movie but, to be in a movie run by three very awesome women. They are all beautiful, smart and talented so, I figured there was no way of failing. I was so wrong.

When I think about the wasted money, I cringe. The film’s campaigns on indiegogo and gofundme were so successful! We reached out goals both times. Ten thousand dollars! TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to make a film and it all goes down because, what, cattiness? Inability to communicate? Inability to understand a chain of command? Like, I don’t even know what caused them to start fighting nor do I entirely care.

When I think about all the people who put aside whatever was going on in their lives to get themselves to rehearsals, meeting and eventually to set, I cry. We had to have around twenty or more people there. Twenty people who took off school, work and set aside family time to make that project happen. They all carpooled or drove themselves so, that’s gas money. For me it was only about an hour and a half of driving (not too bad). For others it was much longer.

I just received confirmation that we will resume filming sometime in the spring from the Director, the brilliant Yasmina Karrachou. This makes me unbelievably happy that we will proceed minus the hostile people. Again, I don’t know what happened but I saw, with my own two eyes, what issues were arising and who they were coming from so, I know enough to draw some conclusions. Faults on all sides I suppose.

I really hope that the dedication and donations of others don’t go to waste on this project. I also hope that we’ll be able to release this stunning movie for all to see by next year around this time.

Here’s hoping I get to play CC again.