Scott Church is the Tony Stark of the Photography world.

SCOTTCHURCHIn the mystical burg that is Lebanon, Pennsylvania sits the photography studio of Scott Church. It’s massive, full of vintage props and dreamy areas to shoot in. There are huge windows letting in golden sunlight throughout the day. There is a cute dressing room covered in Marilyn Monroe posters and soft lighting. Three levels hold their own charm and the roof is covered in this squishy black flooring that burns your feet but overlooks the rather historical town around the building.

Shooting here was quite the experience. Honestly, I’ve never been in such a place with such talent. It was rather intimidating but fun. Even if I was just invited to sit around and hang out with Scott, I would have gone. There is just something about the building that makes you want to get creative and be free, uninhibited and love life.

I’m so glad I went. I’m so thankful I got invited. Thank you for the experience everyone.