Riverdale Episode 2! 

My last review for this series made it clear that I was apprehensive yet intrigued about this series. Episode two still has me in a wishy-washy wonderland of emotions but overall, I’m in it! Will this be my newest guilty pleasure? Yes, yes it will. 

Let’s get into the review!

Last episode we got small bits of information:

– Archie doesn’t love Betty.

– Veronica loves Betty:

– Betty’s mom is prejudice against redheads and rich people.

– Moose’s name does not reflect properly upon the size of his genitalia.

– Jason was shot.

– TILF Grundy and Archie heard the gunshot during their illicit meetup.

This episode doesn’t do much in the way of solving questions you have honestly (it’s the second episode so why would it). However, it does submerge you further in this world of passionate weirdness and classic Cheryl Blossom insults. 

This episode does not shy away from the bullethole in Jason Blossom’s dome or his bloated, discolored and water-logged body. Sorry if that was graphic. They follow that image with Archie’s abs so I guess it’s a balancing act. 

In the beginning of this episode Betty and Archie are still at odds. This leads to Archie taking a shirtless run to TILF Grundy’s house, normal. Grundy answers the door, they have a discussion and ultimately she convinces him to not tell anyone about the gunshot they heard during their early morning rendezvous. Who has a booty call at 6AM? Honestly? It just seems a bit much even for this unholy teache-student union. It was summer! Sleep in or something damn.


Betty’s mom is still on her anti-redhead and anti-rich kid agenda. There may some hints at her abusing her husband as well. Betty, despite telling her mother that she’d never talk to Archie, Cheryl or Veronica again, asks Archie to walk her to school. They are “cool,” a high school term used to describe a girl who is still in love with a boy but doesn’t want him to know even though he clearly knows. Was that confusing? That’s high school for you.

Betty also tells Kevin that she’d never forgive Veronica but, once presented with yellow roses and cupcakes, forgives her. This forgiveness is “the path of least resistance,” for Betty and that’s okay. We’ve all been there, girl. Personally, I super identify with Betty because you really see the stress, agitation, frustration and sadness really getting to her despite her best efforts at containing it. This is a HUGE piece of her character. She wants everyone to be happy, wants everything to be okay for everyone so, instead of voicing her concerns, something that would obvious upset various people, she stays tight-lipped. 

In an effort to get you all to watch the show instead of coming here to just read the cliff notes version, just know that Betty does go a little Girl Interupted during the episode. She returned to sweet Betty but… goodness gracious. She has darkness in her. It is only for a moment but, I was worried that she was actually going to hit someone. I would have preferred it I think.

There was not a lot of Veronica in this episode. Her story mainly revolved around trying to get Betty to forgive her. She even offered a mani-pedi date which Betty abused. Shame on Betty!  You find out that her mother is working at Pop Tate’s as well. Interesting. She also takes a walk with Archie and they both basically talk about how in love they are with Betty. If you don’t love Betty then you are probably Satan. 

Speaking of Satan, Cheryl Blossom is #riverdalestrong. During this episode you see more of her being her rather bitchy self. You see that people are in fact questioning her about what happen to her brother. She has to constantly prove that she is fine (or at least that’s what she thinks). Besides being the HBIC she is also seen rapping and having an emotional breakdown during his episode during which she tells Veronica (who came to comfort her) that Jason was “supposed” to come back. Curiouser and curiouser! 

What does this mean? I was 100000% percent sure that Cheryl had shot Jason in his dome up until that moment. That line leads me to believe that she may have had a part in his disappearance but nothing to do with his death. How? I have no idea so I will need to keep watching. 

Jughead finds out about the gross affair Grundy and Archie are engaged in when he catches them sensually touching each other’s fingers. Different strokes I guess. Despite this, not only is the friendship rekindled but Archie tells Grundy that he wants to be with her but he has to do what’s right. Classic Archie Andrews move! I love it.

At the end of the episode the cops come for [my number one suspect] Cheryl Blossom. Shocker right? Even more shocking is that she stood up in front of the class and declared herself guilty. This reaffirmed that she was indeed not guilty of killing Jason in my opinion. It’s too easy. This can easily be written into twin guilt. I sincerely think she and Jason were doing something less than wholesome, they were always creepy to me. I think they made some stupid teenage plan/prank and it ended with an unplanned bullet in Jason THUS she feels guilty. She FEELS guilty but is not guilty. She is a drama queen and therefore this whole theory works. However my theory could change completely once the new episode airs.

In conclusion, I may already be super invested in this show and think you should all join in the mysterious, angsty fun. Already watching? Share your thoughts with me!