The Crow’s Eye

If you have not already, please check out my playthrough of The Crow’s Eye! It is an independently developed psychological thriller for PC (available on Steam) and although I am NOT a fan of horror games, this was quite enjoyable once I got into it.

I already have a complete, no-spoilers review ready to be published for you guys but, I wanted to wait until I had finished editing the game play and put it all up. So, until then, I will reserve my final thoughts for later.

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Riverdale: Hot Mess or Trash You Can Get Behind

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As a rule of thumb, I give all new series a three episode buy in. This means that I will commit to watching at least three episodes of the premier season before I write it off or watch it religiously. If I like the show, I will keep watching, if not, I will wait until it’s on Netflix and use it as background noise while I sew or blog. There is no in between!

So, is this show a hot mess or something that is about to become my new obsession? I still have one more episode to go before I make that decision but, so far, it’s trash TV I can get behind.

Let me be clear, it’s trash not because it is terrible, it’s trash because of it’s style, trashy. It has very noticeable notes of Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Dawson’s Creek and so many other trash TV shows that we like because of it’s grossly exaggerated teen angst and [what is meant to be] taboo sex scenes. I know what you’re thinking, how could the CW turn wholesome Archie comics into a stew of hormones and sin? Well, it is the CW and I love them for it. Plus, the reason it has hints of all of those previously mentioned shows is because there are people on the Riverdale team from some of those shows. It was inevitable.

So, two episodes have premiered so far, let me catch you up if you haven’t been watching.

Episode 1 Review GO:

The good:

  • The great part about this episode is that it establishes Jughead as the voice of reason and narrator. Well, really he is just writing his novel about the events that transpired over the summer.
  • You get a clear look into the various dynamics of everyone’s friendships and relationships. Kevin and Betty are besties and they do not shy away from his sexual orietation (not that they would). Veronica is the new girl, but shunned in this incarnation instead of welcomed and adored right away. She wants to be friends with Betty and has a heart after fooling around in a closet with Archie. Old Ronnie would not have cared. Archie and Jughead aren’t “friends” persay which sucks but you know that immediately. You can clearly tell that more people hate the Blossom family than like them. The list goes on but, the point is that they did a very good job of explaining that this Riverdale is not the same as the comics we grew up with, it is a bit different.
  • Josie and the Pussycats. Enough said.
  • Betty is probably the closest to her original characterization than anyone honestly and, personally, I love that.
  • Not to shoe-horn this in but this cast is diverse! Just take a gander as some of the faces here:

Reggie Mantle

Check out the new Pussycats! This is from episode two, but they are so fierce!

The list goes on and on with how diverse this cast is. I love it.

  • This series right off the bat has elements of both the old Archie Mysteries series (am I old yet?) and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s flakey, yet compelling, Afterlife with Archie series. This icould be because he write for both the comic and for Riverdale. Cheater or genius?
  • “You want fire, well, my specialty is ice.” Veronica to Cheryl.
  • All of Kevin’s lines are pure gold in this episode.

The Bad:

  • In the current comic reincarnation Betty is more of a tomboy type character and they made her rather girly in Riverdale. Personally, I don’t care, she is still a golden sunbeam and too sweet for this world, but I know others may hate that.
  • Betty’s mom is a terri-bad, hateful shrew. Perhaps prejudice against anyone not blonde? Not enough information. She definitely hate redheads.
  • The story revolving around the relationship between TILF Grundy and Archie is just so unappealing.
  • Why did Josie have to be a complete and total witch when Archie asked for help? Josie is supposed to be super nice. Maybe it was just for this episode but still. Poor Archie.
  • Archie is a horrible human being who chose the cop out of “it’s not you, it’s me.” The thing that gets to me about the whole Betty/Archie situation is that he KNEW she had feelings, deep feelings, for him and he couldn’t find a better time to let her down other than AFTER making out with Veronica and sending poor, sweet Betty into an emotional tailspin. I’ve been there, girl.
  • Moose and Kevin. Before you try and pitchfork me, I’d like to say that I don’t care if Moose is gay or not, I care that he is in a relationship with Midge and cheating on her with Kevin. Don’t worry, Kevin will address this next episode.Plus it’s not like anything happened with them because they found Jason’s dead body, gun shot wound and all.
  • I just don’t like TILF Grundy and hope she stops being a weird succubus cougar…. or becomes a better one. That could be interesting.

By the end of Episode one I was convinced that Cheryl had done it. She killed her brother in the Afterlife with Archie series so why wouldn’t she do it in this series, right? I have since changed my theory completely. Then again, there are only two episodes so, my guess is as good as yours on what happened.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this review of episode one of Riverdale. You can find a review for episode two later once I rewatch it. If you have no knowledge whatsoever of Archie or the Archie comics franchise, do not worry, you’ll probably enjoy this show. If you enjoy silly “teen” dramas you’ll definitely like this show. This is some trash you can definitely sink your teeth into… I could have phrased that better.

Thank you for reading! Come back for more!



A Little Fear makes You Brave


I am afraid of a lot of things. People, insects, large gatherings of people I do not know… did I mention people twice? In all seriousness I do have a  lot of fears, but as you know, this is the year of no fear.

This photo-shoot has been the most enjoyable by far. Jessica, Beauty by Photography, is an absolutely wonderful human being who does not like mundane or simple. I respected that so much. The setting was perfect for what the shoot turned into and the photos came out great. They are pretty much exactly what I was hoping for and hopefully what she was hoping for as well.

They are haunting, mysterious and a little terrifying… VICTORY!

I want to be the person who brings you images that make you feel something. I do not want to just be another pretty face. No. I want to bring you joy, sadness, anger and fear. I want to learn how to emote so hard that whoever sees the photo is forced to feel what I am feeling. That is my goal as a model and a hopeful actress.


Anyways, I just wanted to update. If you want to know anything or suggest what my next shoot should be, let me know in the comment section!


Knife Wolf? What? New Unboxing.

New Unboxing video for this month’s Loot Crate! It definitely was not my favorite Loot Crate by far but, the shirt and socks and the ice mold take the cake. I look forward to next month’s surprises!

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Roarin’ Q&A

My first Q&A! Thanks to everyone who sent questions to my various social medias! I got some interesting ones for sure. Keep sending those questions and suggestions because I love them and will probably be a dinosaur again. Who knows.


Merry Unboxing – Loot Crate Discovery

Loved this box from the cute Han Solo POP Vinyl to the BB8 Socks. I hope you enjoy and if you play Halo, there are details inside for a free Req Pack code!

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Neeks Public Service Announcement

Stop being the “Nice Gal.” In my previous post, I go into more detail about my creepy stalker story. There are so many stories much worse and much scarier than mine though. If I can help even one of you (ladies and men) avoid going through that, then I’m happy. Be safe, be happy! <3Neeks