Rosie and Sequan <3

I recently had the honor of shooting not only my first engagement shoot, but also Rosie and Sequan’s first engagement shoot! I guess the latter was a given, huh.

Let me start out by saying, this was very nerve-racking. This was a supremely important shoot to  nail and I felt the pressure. I must have checked my camera bag ten times before leaving the house and another five after I parked at the Harbor. Keep in mind I parked in an illegal area at first and had to move my car about two times. Boo limited parking.

As you can see from the photos, Rosie and Sequan were an absolute dream to work with. They were adorable, connected and, simply, in love with each other. Every picture shows just how much they adore one another. They won’t be getting married for a little while so, it is fantastic that they got these photos done now so that they can send them off on announcements and such. I’m so excited for them and their big day! It will be the most lovey-dovey event of the year, I am sure of it.

Just look at how stunning they are as a couple!

This is a short blog entry to commemorate a milestone in my photographic journey. This is also to commemorate a milestone that most relationships don’t make it to! Thank you all for sharing in this moment with me and for sharing in Rosie and Sequan’s joy! Join me in wishing them nothing but a super happy future!

❤ XOXO Neeks


DC Zoo Adventure


As stated in my previous post, Hunter likes to do a weekly adventure thing. I started after a particular rough week I had and he tries hard not to let us miss a week. This week was the National Zoo located in our nation’s capitol Washington, D.C. It was the perfect temperature outside, though I got a bit sweaty walking around anyways, and there was a surprise Gay Day at the Zoo event going on. Now, obviously, I’m a heterosexual relationship but both me and Hunter are what people in the early 2000’s would call allies and we sat and marveled at all of the beautiful families that came in. Oh my goodness, I was too afraid to go ask if I could take a photo of them but, it was so beautiful to see families with two moms or two dads out there having a good time without anyone thinking about hate of any kind.

We got there too late to go to any of the events they had scheduled but there were a few speakers I believe and even a burlesque show. Actually kind of sad we missed it, but, our feet hurt so bad by the end of the day there was no sense in punishing myself over that. Because of our improper footwear, we had to cut it a bit short and left after seeing the great apes. He promised we’ll make a Zoo Trip pt.2 happen in the near future though. Perhaps next week. Anyways, still working on editing some photos. The fencing and wire mesh enclosures made it kind of hard to get a good focus on a lot of the animals so, I hope I have some good pictures to share.

Loved everything about this weekend. Even the Pacquiao fight. Yes, Pacquiao fight.

Random Adorable People in a Random Place

I like to go to places and people watch. Today I came across a group of people who looked so happy and excited to just be alive and they were all so photogenic so I broke out the T5i and snapped some photos of them. They sat and spoke with me as though we had been friends for a while. The experience was just so beautiful. They were so cool about me practicing my skills on them too. For all they knew I could have been shooting up their noses or something.

Steven Universe

Randomly yesterday I decided to check out Steven Universe. My tumblr was constantly flooded with image macros and info about the show so, I finally gave in and checked it out. I was not at all all disappointed. So, let’s talk about it.


1. First thing I always like to talk about when it comes to anything animated is of course the artwork of the show. Honestly the super bright colors and oddly proportioned people and creatures did not agree with me at first but, I got over it by the fourth episode. Everything fits, not because everthing is bright and happy all the time but, because in the eyes of the main character, Steven Universe, there is no situation too bright to overcome with a positive attitude and friendship. Sounds cheesy, is cheesy, but it is also hella cute.

2. I like that Cartoon Network created this young male character who has no desire to be a “typical” male. Don’t get me wrong, I loved characters like Danny Fenton/Phantom, Natsu (Fairy Tail), and Nightwing (DC) but they all kind of have the same male-trait markers that you see on most male characters. The show doesn’t really focus on the aspects of how society envisions a boy or a man very much, they just let Steven be Steven. He is a young boy, I want to say ten or eleven, who has an overwhelming well of love and compassion to give to everyone and everything. If he doesn’t have to fight, he doesn’t. So far, I haven’t seen very many episodes of Steven in a state of anger or rage but I have seen him happy, sad (even jokingly sad) and scared many times. Again, I like my macho characters as much as the next person but, there is something so refreshing in the absolute innocence that Steven possesses.  Steven does like a girl on the show, Connie, and his approach to getting her attention was rather adorable but in the end it turns out he just wanted to give her glow stick bracelet back to her. He found it a YEAR beforehand, put it in the freezer so it would last, and stopped at nothing to return it once he saw her again. HOW ADORABLE!

There are other male characters on the show as well. Larz, a “friend” of Steven’s, is someone who I would say is written as a “typical” hot-headed male. So far in the series (I’m only up to episode 21) he seems to have something going on with his co-worker but he also seems to like the popular girl… I don’t know. Maybe that will get cleared up.

Steven’s Father, Mr. Universe, is more like Steven in that he has no outright need to be masculine. He owns his car wash, lives in his van and likes to play music all while looking like he just stepped out of bed and he likes it like that.

There are various other males like the Mayor and the owner of the Fish Stew Pizza joint but, I think I made my point. I don’t want this to be too long.

3. The Girl Power is so off the charts with this show. Before someone comes as me with the “The Crystal gems are non-bionary” argument, I must say, I consider them girls because they have referred to themselves as ladies before and they are drawn to look like women. So far, Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst are holding it down in the bad-assery department. The other ladies in the Steven Universe Universe are also pretty awesome. When confronted with the fact that Larz had lied to her and was “cheating” on her, Sadie is sad at first but comes out of it a lot faster than another show would have allowed. Just my opinion. The other girls also have pretty distinct personalities that are all relate-able. From the two Pizza sisters, to Sadie to Connie to Barbra the mail lady. Everyone is quite unique and beautiful in their own way.

4. The super non-nuclear family thing is really awesome to me for some reason. I grew up in a nuclear family techically. Two parents, two kids and a dog. Very white-picket-fence of us. Steven essentially has three mothers, though I wouldn’t call Amethyst the mothering type, a dad and a village that helped make him the pre-pubescent gem he is in the show. I just find that awesome and deserving of a mention.

5. This show made Rebecca Sugar the first female cartoon creator for Cartoon Network! THAT’S AWESOME! You might recall her name in the credits for Adventure Time since, she was a storyboard artist for that amazingly wacky show.

All in all, this show is something I slept on for too long. I really do enjoy it so far and hope it gets more action-packed as it goes on because I do think is a bit lacking in that department. I have another thirty or so episodes to go so, who knows whats in store.

Thanks for reading, Sexpots!