Gears are Grinding! 

How many angry emojis would it take for me to properly express my anger towards the Archie Horror team right now? Do not get me wrong, the respect I have for Archie Comics is so damn high, which is why this blog post is going to be so hard to make.

Failing to meet deadlines in comics is one of the leading causes of failure. I don’t want to see Archie Horror’s Afterlife With Archie go out like that. It’s compelling! It’s beautifully artistic! It’s got an interesting plot forming with the tie in to Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (also releasing issues late) and some odd Josie and the Pussy Cat things going on! It is SO good. So why aren’t they releasing the comics at the given deadlines? 

The team has been responsive on their Facebook Page and Twitter page (this was an updated addition). Those responses were posted to fellow fans today (January 4th)! That has to be a good sign, right?

They are not detailed responses with concrete dates for when the new issues will be released but, at least they are responsive… unlike the folks over at No Man’s Sky. So sorry to everyone who got that game by the way. 

I digress.

The one thing this proves is that the nice people over at Archie Horror and Archie Comics are listening and responding to fans of the series. That’s a fabulous thing to be able to say of any entertainment team. 

I will keep the faith and hope that they get back to us all with some release dates for both Afterlife With Archie and Chilling Tales of Sabrina. 

In the mean time, keep posting to their Facebook to let them know that we fans are still engaged. Hit them up on twitter as well. Find them in your local Starbucks and interrupt their free time… don’t actually do that one. You can also comment down below on what your favorite moment from the either series has been so far!




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