I never liked thinking of the New YEAR as a clean slate. I hate the saying “NEW YEAR, new me,” as well. You aren’t going to magically change in January 1st. Everything you did or didn’t do isn’t pooped away from conscience once the clock hits midnight. You aren’t suddenly going to have the drive to go the gym every single day either. It’s just silly to think of the New Year is such a way.

But I used to think of it like that. 

Now, I think of the New Year as a benchmark. I started 2017 as someone who was definitely unhappy with her overall progress but was happy on micro-levels. I want to be happy on all levels this year! 

In 2016 I got back into modeling, worked with a ton of awesome photographers and got published several times. For someone like me, that’s a huge deal. I know I’m going to be working on higher concepts this year with even more photographers so, I’m excited. To the photographer who basically said he didn’t want to work with me because I’m black, screw you. That honestly made me so unbelievably sad but I’m above it and above that amateur excuse. Any photographer that can’t capture beauty in all people is not good and never will be great. 

Moving on.

I let my channel down a ton in 2016, but still gained a few subscribers. I will be redoubling my efforts so I can make it to 500 subscribers by next year. Gotta put in work to get places! 

Fitness was a long, arduous battle uphill for me in 2016. I pay for a gym membership for both me and Hunter and it starts to add up. Despite spouting money to these people I just would not go consistently. Hunter eventually put himself on a strict schedule but I didn’t follow suit. I signed up for pole classes, went to those religiously. I love Kazaxe. For some reason me and the gym were not clicking. By the time November rolled around, I had forced myself into a healthy rotation of gym, pole and random dance fitness classes. It’s been working great so far! I hope to keep it going in 2017.

2016 was a great year for me healthy eating wise. I’ve made so many recipies, did a lot of reading on portion control and what an actual healthy plate should look like. I originally started caring about this sort of thing while I still lived with my parents but, we’re southern and I had no money or say in the food so I ate what they made. They started going towards the healthy side of things eventually but, as stated, we’re southern. 

In 2016 I started off really well with this blog and eventually just stopped posting. Which sucks because it’s way easier to write my ideas and thoughts here than making a video about them. Writing requires editing and spell check, sure, but the editing required by a video is so much longer. I will be utilizing this blog as a valuable tool from now on. 

The most important thing to happen in 2016 (for me anyway) was moving in with my boyfriend. What a beautiful struggle it’s been. I knew living with him wasn’t going to be easy persay but it HAS been amazing. Waking up to my bestfriend everyday is a joy I never thought I’d get to experience. Now I can and he hogs the covers! Yay? 

Anyway, let 2017 be the year you follow your dreams. I am doing my best to do so without falling into abject poverty. Wish me luck! 



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