When it Rains it Pours, but you have an Umbrella

I got into a really shitty car accident. My neck hurts, my car may be done for and I’m looking at myself like a failure because I literally just moved to this town! Good grief! But not all is bad! And I really cannot afford to get down on myself right now.

I’ve got my relative health. I’ve got a loving mother (not quite sure about my dad after the accident). I’ve got a loving boyfriend who may be a bit lacking in the whole “boundaries” area but that is manageable. I’ve got this dope ass apartment that is literally the best thing I’ve ever gotten as well. I cannot afford to take these things for granted even though I feel like I have profoundly fucked up my karma in some way. I hope it’s done being bad, I really do.

Life is just funny for me right now.


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