We Got Accepted!

And it feels so good!

As of March 1st, 2016 I (and Hunter of course) shall be starting a new chapter in my adult life. For so long I’ve struggled to leave the nest for many reasons but, I’m taking the plunge.

This is exciting and scary and fantastic all at once. But what does the apartment look like, you ask. I’ll be doing a before and after walk through once we begin the moving in process so, no worries.

We ended up getting a two bedroom apartment, washer/dryer unit inside, a not crappy looking bathroom, a pretty nicely sized kitchen with a breakfast bar or look through depending on which term you prefer and a balcony. There are things I love more than the other one we looked at (and got denied from) and things I loathe. I loathe the parking situation, it’s obviously going to be a point of anger for me. Really that is all I loathe. I suppose I would have liked more closet space but… it’s not a deal breaker.

We sign Thursday! SO EXCITED!


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