Elise on Life, New Lease on Life

Disappointment, depression and feeling blue are all part of life, knowing that does not make dealing with the inevitable up’s and down’s any easier. Thanks to Elise Fee and her new book, The Spiritual Human, she shares her method to “Shift into Thrive,” and let your inner self shine.

The Nova Women’s Network recently had the extreme gift of hearing her speak about her life, what lead her to becoming a breakthrough life coach, her book and had the opportunity to put her method into practice. Her ability to captivate and change lives did not go unnoticed as she shared her harrowing tale of her she went from down in the dumps to on top of the world, being her best self.

Her process works in three easy steps. Step one, identify what mentality is keeping a person in a rut. This involves some deep introspection on an individual’s behalf, asking questions that no one really wants to ask of themselves. Step two, think of immediate and long term solutions that could start to get out into a better state of mind. Climb out of the rut by thinking of solutions that can help one year from now as well as one that can help one day from now and look at it from many different perspectives. Step three, create a habit and live your best self everyday. The key word here is “habit.” Build one that is sustainable and positive towards your well-being.

Sounds so simple, right? Taking some time to sit and introspectively look at all of the perspectives of a situation is daunting but when broken down it can be quite simple.

Elise Fee is a spectacular, powerful woman who has changed, and will continue to change, many lives with her bright energy and thoughtful approach to life. Her book is equally as beautiful and features many eloquent poems written by her including, “What if I Were to Tell You,” which features the much needed statement that no one needs to be “smart, beautiful or rich to rule the world.” Live your best self, let you light shine through and everything will work out in the end.

For more information on Elise Fee visit her website, EliseOnLife.com, where there are many sources on her background, her book and her life coach services.


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