Got a new Job, Did a Photoshoot, Today was a Good Day

When you have a good day, take stock of it. Write it down in your planner and circle it fifty bajillion times so that when you inevitably have one of “those” days you can look back and know that a good day will come around.

You’ve seen my previous posts, you know that this whole job search thing has been rigorous for me and is for people all over. The thing is, this job seems like it will be really awesome!

I had to except that a full time job was just not going to happen for me right now because school is such a priority. It should be. I have goals academically that I’m not willing to compromise on and I don’t feel bad about that at all. In a few years I want to have my Masters in Psychology and be working on my PhD. Goals keep me going. For right now, however, I am happy with what I have. I am thankful that the opportunity for this job presented itself.

I did my first photo shoot BEHIND the camera today with a very good friend. She is an experienced model so, everything went pretty smooth. Some lighting issues presented itself but they were adjusted and fixed. Overall, she was happy with the results and that is really all I cared about in the end. Those photos will be up once they’ve gone through the photoshop process!

It was a good day. I’m taking stock of it.


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