Oh, Christmas Tree

Tis the season to be jolly! I hope that everyone is currently having a fabulous holiday and a magnificent Christmas.

Funnily enough, I wasn’t feeling the Christmas spirit too hard this year. There could be many reasons for that including growing up in general, but I definitely felt the love today. Oddly enough, it took my mother and boyfriend getting me the same gift to let me know that, yes, people do actually know and support my interests and hobbies. Go figure, right?

Anyways, if you’re wondering about what I hauled in after the holiday opening frenzy:

  1. Some WELL NEEDED socks. There were like a billion pairs. I don’t what keeps happening to my socks but they always go missing so, this was a fab present.
  2. A scarf… I think it’s a scarf… thanks, little sister.
  3. A plush robe! A love robes and have been meaning to go get a new one.
  4. 2 Portable Power Banks! I FOR SURE needed those because I am always losing or forgetting my chargers. Boo that.
  5. [Accidental mishap] 2 Wacom Intuos Tablets. SO DOPE. I’m absolutely in love and I’m almost sad that there is no reason for me to keep both of them.
  6. Neewer CN-160 LED Light! I’ve been asking for an external light to mount on my camera since I got my DSLR last Christmas lol. My mom surprising me with this nearly made me cry.
  7. A bigger camera bag! This was really awesome actually. Although it won’t fit both of my lenses and the camera body it WILL fit my standard lens, the body, batteries for the light, my microphone hookups, the filters for the light and some other knick knacks. The strap is actually more comfortable than my old one as well.
  8. Opteka XGrip EX PRO Mount. It’s easy to use and light enough (even with the camera and light attached) to easily move and manipulate. The Hot shoe adapters seem to be a weird size though because the light can’t attached to it via the hot shoe. However, the hot shoe fits perfectly into the hot shoe adapter on my camera. Weird. Overall, I still love it.
  9. My little sister got me a new Sewing Box and rotary cutter which was a godsend! I was using my old prom picture box from High School as a sewing box and it was not working out well. This new one though, OH MAH GAWD. It is so nice. I wasted no time moving stuff into it.
  10. A Selfie Stick… I can’t really tell if this was  joke gift or not but now I have a weapon of mass destruction.
  11. A bunch of gift cards.

Unintentionally, all of these gifts provided me with the craft materials necessary to complete some of the gifts I was making for friends. Cardboard is a hell of a thing, you guys.

In any case, I hope that you all had a great time chilling out with family and friends! Eat some good food, do some good things and be happy!


❤ Neeks


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