My Top 5 Power Ranger Season Picks.

Seriously, who doesn’t love the Power Rangers and all of it’s wacky, cheesy, friendship-building goodness? I you don’t like them then we simply cannot be acquainted. The reason I love re-watching til this day is because it made growing up really fun. I hadn’t been bornyet when MMPR dropped but I WAS born shortly after and it was still going well into my cognitive years. I remember my parents sitting and watching it with me as I munched on nuggets. They got me any and all the videos and movies I wanted which did not help the obsession.

Anyway, here we go! rpm, dino thunder, time force, ninja storm Mighty Morphin

5. Power Rangers: RPM

Listen, seriously, this season is SO underrated. In my opinion, this season had some of the BEST acting out of any of the seasons! It’s ability to deal with some pretty heavy subject matter (end of the world, child think-tank, etc) was expertly broken up by the comedy styling of their accidental Green Ranger. This series also does not automatically zero in on the Red Ranger like most of the others do. In fact, the big entrance and a lot of the early focus in on the Black Ranger. Did I mention the cool cars in this season? No? Okay, well there are some cool cars in this season. The action is pretty good, they bring back the machine menace in this one as well. But I adore this season for the above par acting and creativity of everything.


4. Power Rangers: Ninja Storm

Ninja storm is a guilt pleasure for me. I think I’ve rewatched it around six or seven times. I love this series for it’s ham. It is so cheesy and wacky at times that when it is broken up by serious matters, the drama actually hits you. I love it. I love the cast as well. They balanced everyone pretty fairly, I felt. No one ranger really took up all of the limelight. Although I’m not a fan of adding variations of colors, I’m actually a fan of the Crimson and Navy Rangers.

Like I said, guilty pleasure.

3. Power Rangers: Dino Thunder

There is something so amazingly nostalgic about this series. Could it be because Tommy Oliver returns for yet another go ’round for saving the world? Yes! I love the fact that Jason David Frank came back for this series because it was SO much like the original MMPR. They even show a lot of old footage in an homage/historic type of way that helps the new Rangers learn about themselves and where they came from. Also, dinosaur zords.

This season also had some nice music moments inan episode of three and that was nice.

2. Power Rangers: Time Force

I don’t need to say much about this season. It is by far the most well done season, well acted season, well liked season. The cast was beautiful. The drama was fantastic. The fight scenes were well done. There is so much I could rant on and on about on why this season was MAGNIFICENT but, I have neither the time nor will power to sit here and type all that out. Just know that taking the time to sit and watch it, as a fan of Power Rangers, is not wasted.

1. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Power Rangers Turbo

I’m cheating by lumping those in together but I truly love those seasons more than anything else. The cheese is great, the wackiness is great, the fact that it was first is great for me. If I were being totally serious about this list, Time Force would be number one but I will never hold anything above the original Morphin’ Time Rangers. Of course, I have my gripes about these seasons but that is for a different post on a different day, loves.


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