DC Zoo Adventure


As stated in my previous post, Hunter likes to do a weekly adventure thing. I started after a particular rough week I had and he tries hard not to let us miss a week. This week was the National Zoo located in our nation’s capitol Washington, D.C. It was the perfect temperature outside, though I got a bit sweaty walking around anyways, and there was a surprise Gay Day at the Zoo event going on. Now, obviously, I’m a heterosexual relationship but both me and Hunter are what people in the early 2000’s would call allies and we sat and marveled at all of the beautiful families that came in. Oh my goodness, I was too afraid to go ask if I could take a photo of them but, it was so beautiful to see families with two moms or two dads out there having a good time without anyone thinking about hate of any kind.

We got there too late to go to any of the events they had scheduled but there were a few speakers I believe and even a burlesque show. Actually kind of sad we missed it, but, our feet hurt so bad by the end of the day there was no sense in punishing myself over that. Because of our improper footwear, we had to cut it a bit short and left after seeing the great apes. He promised we’ll make a Zoo Trip pt.2 happen in the near future though. Perhaps next week. Anyways, still working on editing some photos. The fencing and wire mesh enclosures made it kind of hard to get a good focus on a lot of the animals so, I hope I have some good pictures to share.

Loved everything about this weekend. Even the Pacquiao fight. Yes, Pacquiao fight.


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