Day 01: Back at it.

IMG_2437I woke up this morning not knowing if I could even make it through a Zumba class at this point. I’m not “Overweight” but I am over what my weight used to be or even my preferred weight, which meant I was gonna do my best. I stand at an above average height of 5’7 (5’8 on a good day) and used to weight a healthy 135-140lbs. I was happy about that weight. I was mostly muscle, had a little pudge where most women do. I was happy.

Ever since the traumatizing events of last year, I gained a little over ten pounds of pure and unwanted fat. I smoked (hookah) way more than I ever did, I became lazy and lethargic. Sleeping until 1pm-2pm every single day became habit. I hated what I had become, but I couldn’t stop myself. My boyfriend never once brought up my weight gain, he says he didn’t notice at all. He never berated me for my laziness or said I was being “too much” when I’d go into one of my depressive spirals… he stayed by me and vowed to help me in any way he could… for some reason that was worse, in my mind, than if he had just called me fat and broken up with me.

In the last three or so months, I began to come out of it. I started eating healthier but fell off that wagon when no immediate results were present. Overall I was happier. Hunter, decided that we would go on an adventure every weekend so, that we both were doing something to stimulate or minds and quenching out desire to do something new. Then my aunt passed away and something clicked in my mind. As soon as we got home I started waking up earlier, I started eating a healthier again, but this time in a way that was so restrictive. Substitution, not completely throwing away. I also talked to Hunter about me getting a gym membership, this was key. I knew what was making me so depressed was the lack of activity in my life since I used to be active EVERY SINGLE DAY. Without any arguments, he pulled out his card and asked me which gym we were signing up at. Now I am a proud member of World Gym.

Today was Day 01… I think it was a success. I got up this morning, I got to the gym and shook my ass. Success.


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