Things I want to bring to The Channel


Creating content that is varied, educational and entertaining is super important to the Neeks Team here. So far, we have done some Let’s Plays, which are always fun, Loot Crate Unboxings, Comic Reviews, Movie Reviews/Recaps and even someYoga. I would like to find a way to keep that going, hell, the Channel IS called The RANDOM Neeks so, really I can do whatever. I’ve been deeply considering a few new additions such as:

  • Themed Gym Workouts, Progress Tracks.
  • More Comic Review and Comic Suggestions.
  • More stuff featuring Hunter because he is “The Team.”
  • More Let’s Plays.
  • More Stuff with nooby League.
  • Maybe add another subscription box to the mix.
  • Skits once I really get going.

I really just want to show everyone all the colorful ideas that go on in my head every single day. Is that so wrong?

Thanks for reading, Sexpots!


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