New Bloggy Thing


When I decided to go ahead and put myself out there on Youtube, I never thought that people would actually find what I had to say or do in front of a camera interesting if my clothes were on. I was totally prepared to show some skin and break out those v-necks. I’m kidding. Kinda. Anyways, I want to make sure that I have plenty of places to put my ideas out there for the world to see and plenty of space to keep my ideas in order. I’ve tried keeping journals, I’ve tried lists and various other organizational tools involving physical pen and paper but no dice. I figure if I have a blog dedicated to my “brand” then I will frequently update it. If people read and comment here, great, but I mostly prefer feedback on my channel or on my Facebook page.

Plenty of stuff coming up for me, my team (who is really just my loving and supportive boyfriend) and the channel that he has helped me raise up. We’ll be chilling with the one and only Jeremy Whitley, you may know him as the man behind the Princeless comics, at AwesomeCon. He has extended an invitation for us to sit with him at his booth before, during and after his interview with us. All of that is happening in May. In June, we will be going to the League East Coast Convention (LEC2) and going on a campaign for BREAK OUTTA BRONZE!  This should be very exciting! The rest of the summer may be taken up by real life things like Graduating (hopefully) and not having money (because graduating).

Either way, I’m super excited and so it my team (again, one other person). Here is to getting shit done and doing it big.

Thanks for reading, Sexpots!


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